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IDS offers a plain English up-to-date Online Knowledge Base that includes "How To" and Troubleshooting Articles.

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You can contact support via email at or by logging into our Support Ticketing System

The fastest way to find your answers is to use IDS's Online Knowledge Base
If you still need help, you can contact support via email at or by logging into our Support Ticketing System .
We will then answer your email/ticket within 2 Business Days between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.

IDS supports the use of our PC clients on Windows 7, 8 and 10. We do not support the use of our PC Clients on Windows XP or any older version of Windows.

IDS recommends the use of a monitor with a resolution of 1388 (very minimum) or higher. Older monitors with lower resolution will add scroll bars to your screen and your experience will be negatively effected.

Your .Net Libraries need to be updated. As long as you run regular Window's Updates, this is automatically done.

You will need to ensure your hardware meets the minimum requirements for the Windows Operating System you have on your computer.

You will need to ensure your computer is in good working order and that your installed security software is not blocking IDS.

Your PC will need a healthy high speed internet connection.

Please note that if your internet is shared on an office network or with other computers, that the PC operating IDS could have its internet speed lowered due to internet traffic from the other PCs, this could have a negative effect on IDS's performance.

Please note that running internet intensive programs such as downloading large files (videos, programs, music) will have a negative effect on IDS's performance.

IDS does not support the use of our PC Software on Dial up or Satellite Internet.

IDS supports the use of our Android App on Jelly Bean (4.1.2) or higher.

IDS is best run on a mobile device with a screen resolution of 480 x 800 or higher.

IDS is best operated on a 4G or higher. While we do our best to handle poor connectivity issues, connectivity issues will have a negative effect on IDS.

If you are using Wifi, your wifi needs to be connected to the internet via a high speed connection. Mobile Hot Spots, Public Hots Spots or networks with a lot of users, will provide a poor internet connection and will have a negative effect on IDS.

IDS does not support the use of our app on a tethered connection or on a mobile hot spot (a hot spot that connects your phone to the internet via a mobile modem in a truck, bus, car or plane). Mobile Hot Spots do not provide a stable internet connection.

Please ensure your phone is healthy and in good working order.

Please ensure your security software is not interfering or blocking IDS.

IDS's app has been used since 2007, when data was a lot more expensive. As such, we have kept our data usage to a bare minimum.

We have provided you with tools in IDS Dispatch to help control the amount of data a driver maybe using on their device with our IDS App.

If you run IDS non stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have set the driver to poll every 15 seconds, the most data you would use is 3.0G per month

However, most IDS customers have their poll period set for every 60 seconds and only operate IDS 40 hours a week which is an average of 0.8G per month

The above is for reference only. Your use will vary depending on how many hours your drivers are logged into IDS, your poll setting in IDS and how many trips your drivers are completing.

Please ensure your drivers are logging out of IDS when they have completed their work at the end of their day.

No, IDS recognizes the popularity of Apple's products such as iPhones, iPads and Computers.

IDS understands that issues have a direct effect on your business, your clients and your staff. That means IDS has to build apps and client software that are more robust and can handle more extreme real life issues than your average app or software client.

Since its' inception, iPhones and iPads have had a closed Operating System (OS) that results in important parts of the phone's software being closed off to app developers.

That means IDS's developers cant access the parts of the phone's operating system that keeps our App running regardless of whats happening in the real world. An iPhone will decide to close the IDS app on its own, without any notifications to the driver or the dispatcher.

It also means that certain functionality, such as GPS tracking, is either blocked or is limited by Apple.

For more details, please read:

Beyond limiting functionality of our app to a level IDS cant reasonable support, Apple also adds a significant amount of bureaucracy and cost to app developers. To cover our costs, IDS would have to charge a higher price for iPhone, iPad and Apple users. That would mean users would be paying more for an app that does less.

When and if Apple does change their business practices, we will support their platform.