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At IDS, we understand that online support can be challenging. For example, trying to read something written by a programmer for a programmer. Or worse yet, receiving an automated reply that provides no useful information. That’s why IDS Support Staff will always reply in plain English, answering your questions directly.

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Included Support

Email Support & Online Ticket Support System. Answered within 2 business days between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. 

You can contact support by email: Or, better yet, by logging into our Support Ticketing System .

online knowledge base

Online Knowledge Base

IDS offers a clear and up-to-date Online Knowledge Base .

To access the Online Knowledge Base please click here.

Hardware Requirements 

IDS requires Windows 8 and 10. We do not support Windows XP or any older version of Windows.

As of January 2020, Microsoft will officially stop support for Windows 7. We understand that lots of people are still using Windows 7. So we will support our customers on Windows 7 as long as we possible can.

We recommend the use of a monitor with a resolution of 1388 or higher.

Your .Net Libraries need to be updated. As long as you run regular Window's Updates, then you are good to go.

You will need to ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements for Windows.

Please ensure your computer is in good working order. Most importantly, check that your security software is not blocking IDS.

A healthy high speed internet connection is needed.

Please note that running internet intensive programs such as downloading large files (videos, programs, music) will have a negative effect on IDS's performance.

Minimum Requirements for Android

Our Android App requires Jelly Bean (4.1.2) or higher.

You will need a screen resolution of 480 x 800 or higher.

Our app runs best operated on a 4G or higher connection. While we do our best to handle poor connectivity issues, connectivity issues will have a negative effect on IDS.

Please note that Mobile Hot Spots and Public Hots Spots do provide a poor internet connection and will have a negative effect on IDS.

IDS does not support the use of our app on a tethered connection.

Please ensure your security software is not interfering or blocking IDS.

Does IDS Support Iphones and iOS


Granted that iPhones are popular, we also understand that issues have a direct effect on your business. That means we have to build apps that are more robust than the average.

Unfortunately, iPhones have a closed Operating System that results in important parts of the phone's software being closed off.

That means developers cant access the parts of the operating system that keeps our App running regardless of whats happening in the real world. Which in effect means, an iPhone will decide to close the IDS app, without any notifications to the driver or the dispatcher.

The worst part is, this also means that certain functionality, such as GPS tracking, is either blocked or is limited by Apple.

For more details, please read: .

When and if Apple does change their business practices, we will support their platform.

ph: 1-877-450-6420
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