IDS Mobile - Our Driver App

Providing a Delivery App for Drivers for over 13 years

Our Driver App's Standard Features

With over 13 years of real world experience means our delivery app for drivers has some impressive standard features.

– Works even without a signal.
– Turn by turn directions to a delivery or pick up address.
– Provides GPS fleet tracking data back to base.
– Can capture a name and signature at pick up and at delivery.
– Very driver friendly and simple to use



Location Scan - Barcode Scanning App

IDS’s driver app has an embedded barcode scanning app that allows you to scan a location barcode. This will ensure the right packages are delivered to the right location.

Camera Scan - Barcode Scanning App

If you are not scanning a lot of barcodes, you can use the smart phone’s camera connected to our embedded barcode scanning app. This will give you all the great features without investing in smart phones with built in laser barcode scanning.

Please note. Using a camera to scan a barcode does mean the barcode must be undamaged and being scanned in a well lit environment.



Laser Barcode - Barcode Scanning App

Our driver app includes an embedded barcode scanning app that can use a phone’s lasers scanner. Thats perfect for:

– high volume barcode scanning.
– scanning in dark locations.
– reading damaged barcodes.

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