Dispatch By IDS

Dispatch Software Made Simple


Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles of our full system,
sometimes all you need to do is:

– Create your delivery.
– Digitally dispatch your delivery.
– Capture a signature at delivery.
– GPS track your fleet.

shipment entry screen dispatch software


Order Entry

Entering in a delivery is fast and simple, but that doesn’t mean we are missing the important pieces:

– Account based or cash on delivery.
– Address books are global or account based.
– Create your own custom package types and services levels.
– Digital dispatch the delivery to the driver app right on the screen.

Dont forget, your customers can do the work for you. They can login to our Shipping Portal to enter in their deliveries.

Dispatch Software

Dispatching a delivery to our driver app is as simple as drag and drop.
With over 13 years in the industry, we know dispatchers need things their own way. Because of this, both our dispatch and drivers board can be customized:

– Filter by address, package, service level, weight and so much more.
– Control what information is visible on either board.
– Select drivers that you want to see.

Best of all both the dispatch board and drivers board are un-docked from our dispatch software. So you can drag them onto another monitor.
Create as many filtered dispatch and drivers boards as you need



GPS Driver Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

Did you know IDS was one of the first software providers to GPS track a mobile phone. That’s right, before iPhones and Android existed, IDS was providing GPS fleet tracking by mobile phone.

– You set how often a phone pings their GPS location to your dispatcher.
– Capture how long a driver was at a location.
– Make sure you digitally dispatch the right delivery to the right driver

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