Dental Lab Delivery

Our Dispatch Software completes millions of deliveries each year.

dental delivery software

We make shipping for Dental Labs simple

Quickly and easily dispatch your drivers to pick up dental impressions and prescriptions.

Once the lab procedures have been completed, use IDS to dispatch your drivers to deliver the finished product back to the dental clinic.

All while watching IDS’s drivers board to ensure your pick ups and deliveries are completed in a timely manner.

We make a dental lab delivery easy.

Delivery App for On Time Signature Capture

High Signature Capture Rate

Capturing a proof of delivery name and signature is the best way to protect your customer’s dental records and devices by ensuring full accountable.

Some of the largest medical companies in the world currently use IDS Mobile for their drivers. Why? because:

– Drivers find our app easy to use.
– Our driver app works even when the phone has lost its mobile data connection.

Which means our customers have a very high signature capture rate for their dental lab deliveries.

dental lab delivery software show dentures placed in mouth

Online Shipping Portal for your Dental Clinics

IDS currently provides our Dental Labs software that they give to their clinics. Dental clinics swiftly:

– enter in their request to pick up dental impressions and prescriptions.
– review Proof of Delivery and Delivery Signatures.
– previous history

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